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I used to go swimming here during the mid-1950s. I went with a group of friends on, I believe, a Thursday evening. We stayed for about 3 hours each visit. The swimming pool had a very Victorian feel to me (I was about 11 years old at the time) and nothing like Goldsmiths Row Swimming Pool where I used to go with my school. I know longer live in England and was surprised to find that it was a theatre when I visited in 2012. I am happy to see it being returned to a swimming pool. I hope that it will be well visited.
Charles S.P. Jenkins

St Bride Foundation

Yesterday marked the arrival of a unique art installation beneath the floorboards of the Bridewell Theatre. Traces is a collaborative project from students at Kingston University, incorporating projections, photographs and drawings within the Foundation’s Victorian swimming pool.


The exhibition is a reflection on the forgotten or left behind. Katie South, one of the curators, told us how the preservation of the pool informed the work massively. The style of the area also meant that they couldn’t really approach this exhibition like a typical gallery space. Instead, the students had to utilise the environment, incorporating the structural elements for the different work on show.


This becomes evident when you venture down to the white tiled basin of the pool. Various wooden beams, which were installed to support the seats above, now provide scaffolding for canvases. They are industrial frames for the flickering projections, which also box off different areas of the pool. As a result, the space becomes a series of isolated compartments.



The overarching theme of the exhibition seems appropriate…

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